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Hello and thanks for visiting. We are Mosaic Internet, a small design studio in Greater Manchester, comprising of me, Carol Burroughs, and a staff of 15 very talented and creative people who design everything from covers for tin cans to gym equipment production lines. In between we dabble on the Internet.

Our first venture onto the World Wide web was in 1999 when we put out a whole stable of dating websites! However we were very naive. We made the mistake of being ethical.

Our belief was that one of the most important things on the Internet was personal security. If people wanted to meet others online then it was vital, to our minds, that personal information such as addresses, drunken pranks, and those crazy things we do on holiday, that we really shouldn't ,had to be kept from the public gaze. So, we stopped our members from putting anything online which could cause them problems in the future.

Then along came Facebook and first millions, then billions rushed into it to record every intimate second of their lives for the whole world (including burglars, potential employers and horrified relatives) to marvel at. Mr Zuckenberg is now one of the richest men on the planet. Our dating sites disappeared a decade ago.

However that's life. We enjoy we are doing and our customers love us. We are friendly, helpful people with zany senses of humour and I truly believe that we all look forward to our work every day.

Hopefully you will find our website useful and if you want us to design a new plant pot holder, or your new corporate office block, just get in touch. We will promise you a superb service; we have learned a lot in the last 20 years!

I am Carol Burroughs the CEO of Mosaic Internet

Our address is:

Suite 150 792 Wilmslow Road Didsbury Manchester M20 6UG

Our opening hours are: . Telephone: (0044) 0330 312 2718

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